Top 4 Wedding Designers To Watch (by Roxana Oliver)

Top 4 Wedding Designers To Watch (by Roxana Oliver)

Bridal fashion includes many iconic names, and you have surely heard them multiple times. You know: ball gown-like dresses from Vera Wang, mermaid silhouettes by Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera, hand-embroidered tulle confections by Monique Lhuiller, etc. But, over the last few wedding seasons, some new names started appearing, armed with some never-seen-before ideas. They are dynamic, competitive, and ready to take over bridal fashion. Introducing: the incredible four! Here you are the Top 4 Wedding Designers To Watch.


Yolan Cris is a family business which was founded in 2005 by two sisters from Barcelona – Christina (1979) and Yolanda (1978). Their interest in bridal fashion was present since they were children, and it is also a family heritage – since their mother owned a gown shop and taught them how to do this kind of work the right way, and to really feel the magic of these dresses. In 2005, they both decided that they should start living their dream of creating their own brand, and they proudly presented their first collection during Barcelona Bridal Week at Pasarela Gaudi Nobias. They are now a leading brand when it comes to wedding and evening dresses.


First of all, each and every one of their designs is 100 percent hand crafted in their Barcelona atelier. They use high-quality European fabrics and pay a special attention to every single detail.

As we already know, bridal fashion has become somewhat monotonous, and all wedding gowns now seem to merge into one big pile of lace, tulle and beads. The thing that separates this brand from all others is that they understand the importance of a personal touch. Each and every one of their dresses has a different story and a completely different look. If you want something glamorous, neo-Victorian or with a touch of gothic – they know how to make you happy. If you, on the other hand, want something sexy and sultry – they know how to achieve this too. If you want free-spirited boho chic – you are covered. One thing is for certain – minimalism is not in their vocabulary.


Donatelle graduated from a Parisian design school and first started working as a fashion magazine stylist. There, she refined her sense of aesthetics and perfected her designs.

Lace Applique Edge wedding veil

She is constantly channeling 70s vibes, inspired by David Hamilton and Jane Birkin. She uses top quality fabrics in order to create beautifully tailored feminine dresses. She loves to focus on bias cuts and slips – which make her designs flattering for a wide variety of body shapes.


The geniuses behind this Brooklyn brand are Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green, who graduated from Parsons, and are constantly managing to change the way designers think. They tend not just to focus on one dress, but on the entire suite of looks: from your rehearsal dinner all the way to the morning brunch.


It is mirrored in mixing unique fabrics, modern details and textures. It is a step beyond beads, lace and sequins. Not only will your wedding be one-of-a-kind, all other ceremonies will be unique as well, since they are also specialized in custom dying, cropping, etc. Basically, all you will need is a good pair of bridal shoes to match your dream dress.


The brand was launched in 2004 by the genius minds of Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kuhl, after their graduation from Esmod in Berlin (the International University of Art for Fashion). Their bridal collections always manage to channel the fresh perspectives of modern women.


It is mirrored in using modern materials, such as filigree lace and incorporating special hand-crafted details on their wedding dresses. They can create  a perfect dress for every wedding – from romantic and opulent to purist and modern. Basically, their dresses are all in one – feminine, modern, wearable and unexpected.

That would be it. If you are getting married anytime soon, you are a very lucky lady. You can find the wedding dress of your dreams with very little effort.

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