The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Perfect Body

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Perfect Body


Sure, the gym is great and all. The idea of looking like a toned, beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel sounds even better, but there’s all this… work involved. Daily sweating and strain through two-hour workouts, eating all that avocado, and this painful absence of chocolate are all a personal version of Hell for you, and you’re not exactly eager to dedicate such a huge chunk of your life to sore muscles and protein shakes. You’ve got better stuff to do! Well, don’t worry, we hear you. For us lazy gals staying fit can be a challenge, but that just means we’ve got to get clever and find ways to maximize the result through the use of minimal effort. Luckily, we’ve got some tips and the perfect lazy girl’s guide.

Try standing more

The lazy girl's guide to a perfect body: try standing more

In the public transport, at the office, at home while you watch TV. The sedentary lifestyle we lead is one of the biggest culprits for rising obesity rates, cardiovascular problems, and back pain, so simply spend your time standing rather than sitting whenever you can. It burns more calories, it benefits your body, and it involves very little effort once you get used to it.

Use apps for quick, easy workout

Workouts don’t need to be long to be effective. Try apps such as Seven that give you a tough little high intensity interval training that engages all group muscles, tells you exactly which exercises to do, and when paired with a quick warm up and some stretching afterwards won’t take more than 20 minutes to finish. Add a shower to that and you’ll be done with the whole thing in half an hour, and then you can go about your business.

Walk or cycle to work

Walking or cycling is such a great way to burn calories and it means getting your daily cardio with very little fuss involved. It also gives you the chance to stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air, enjoy the day. If your work is far away, then simply get out two or three stops earlier from the bus and walk the rest of the way.

Let the professionals sculpt you

The lazy girl's guide to a perfect body: meet a professional

Did you think that Kim K. and all the other celebs are all so naturally gifted with perfect bodies? Hell no, they indulge in all sorts of cosmetic procedures, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t either. Try something like cryolipolysis at a good body sculpting clinic and have the professionals shape you up. This is a great procedure that doesn’t demand long recovery time like liposuction, and it’s quite popular with celebrities.

Workouts that don’t feel like workouts

The gym isn’t really your only option to get fit, you know? Actually, a much better idea is to go do something you really enjoy, like sports, or martial arts, or salsa. Hell, just staying at home and dancing in your underwear is a brilliant idea – as long as you’re having fun, working out won’t ever feel like a chore.

Replace unhealthy food with its healthy version

The lazy girl's guide to a perfect body: healthy food

The thing with junk food is that it works sort of like an addiction. We’re addicted to that sugar high, to that processed trash, to those overly-spiced mixes. Healthy food actually doesn’t taste bad at all, and you can make some incredibly tasty meals instead of over-indulging in bad food that’s causing you to gain so much weight. We can guarantee you that once you take a break from sugar for a few weeks and then come back to it, you’ll realize how sweetened everything is. You’ll start craving better things if you get your body used to it.

Drink more water

The lazy girl's guide to a perfect body: drink more water

Not only does proper hydration make your skin and body healthier, it also lessens all the food cravings you have. Simply upping your water intake can actually make you eat less. If you aren’t sure how much water you need to take daily, here’s a calculator that can help you figure it out.

Really the only thing you need to shape up is a good attitude. Lazy girls, the fastest way to a great body is basically just finding ways to have fun and laugh as often as you can. Find workouts that you enjoy, find diets that don’t feel oppressive, dance and sing when you’re with your girlfriends – you’ll be a sculpted goddess in no time.








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