How to Dress for a Fall Wedding (And Actually Look Fabulous)

How to Dress for a Fall Wedding (And Actually Look Fabulous)


Fall weddings are the busiest time of the year, if you don’t count summer weddings. The invitations have started arriving in the mail and now pressure is starting the creep in. Getting dressed for your friend’s wedding is always a tricky business. You want to look sexy, but not too sexy, amazing, but not too amazing that it will pull focus from the bride – this is wedding etiquette 101. As tricky as weddings generally are to master in terms of attire, fall makes it all the more difficult. Let’s call a spade a spade – fall dresses can’t even touch summer dresses, and you’re always walking the fine line between season and occasion appropriate and dull and drab. Still, there absolutely is a way to pull off a fabulous look, so stay tuned and take notes.Here you are some advice on how to dress for a fall wedding.


Before you can begin hunting for THE dress, a little light research is due. First, make sure you’re in the loop as to what kind of wedding this is. You have evening black tie weddings, black tie optional, daytime casual, festive, daytime formal and each of these events is of a different nature and therefore calls for a certain look. In addition to that, look into the venue and the theme of the wedding as you most certainly don’t want your color palette to clash with the color palette of the wedding. Weather can also pose major obstacles, so if it’s an outdoor one, flowy dresses and high-heels are immediately scratched off the list.

Before you can choose the perfect dress, make sure you’re in the loop as to what kind of fall wedding this is

When you’re not restrained by the color code you have some room to play. A slightly less upscale wedding is the perfect opportunity to look adorable in a lace tea length off-the-shoulder dress. There are very few dresses that are as elegant yet cute as this one. If this wedding is leaning a bit more towards casual evening, you can always ‘tone’ the look down by browsing great women’s denim jackets and picking the one you like best. Besides, the door for denim is wide open and you can pull it off anywhere. Keep the hair up in a low bun and stick to minimal and effective makeup – perfect shade of red lipstick and flicked eyeliner.


Arm yourself with patience as this is going to take some time, so you might as well try to have some fun. If this fall wedding is upscale and elegant, a floor-length gown is pure perfection. It can be form fitting as to accentuate your curves, but still long enough to keep you looking modest and extremely elegant. Black is always the safest choice but if you want to add a little pizzazz to your look, a beaded sequin dress is just right for the job. A high sleek ponytail will accentuate the dress as well as your face, and since this is such a gorgeous gown, you definitely want to have an equally amazing wrap to go with it.

By their very nature, a daytime fall wedding is usually on the low-key side so you don’t have to worry as much

By their very nature, daytime weddings are usually on the low-key side so you don’t have to worry as much, plus you have an abundance of options. You could go with a below the knee fitted dress, an A-line dress, a skater dress, a floral dress, a classy wrap dress and even a jumpsuit. If you do go with the floral, make sure the print is a bit bold and murky and not reminiscent of summer or you won’t fit in properly. Subtle minimalistic jewelry is in order here and keep the hair and makeup minimal as well. Gentle and neutral lipstick shades are definitely the best option and you can definitely get away with just a blowout and not a full-blown bun. Still, to err on the side of festive, feel free to get your high-heel pumps on.



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