How To Decide Your Wedding Venue

How To Decide Your Wedding Venue


Of all the things about planning your Big Day to decide on, the wedding venue is arguably the most important one. It’s basically the place that will determine everything from the color scheme, to the general atmosphere of the entire event. Of course, we all want to get married at the perfect place, but with prices, locations, and other factors to juggle, it can be nerve-wracking. Already stressed about it? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out. Let’s sit down and share a few tips about finding the right venue for your dream wedding.

Picking the right wedding venue could be a bit nerve-wracking. Here some useful tipt for choosing the best location
Put your dreams down on paper

Any idea that comes across your mind can potentially spark something great. Write down what kind of things you’d like to have on that day, what kind of decorations, and write down important details about how you want the wedding venue to look like. If you can draw, do it. This will help you prioritize and know exactly what you want when you start browsing.

Call the wedding planner

As soon as you’ve jotted down those ideas, call your wedding planner. They’re likely to know where to start looking, and they can give you recommendations and help you make your vision come to life. They will also know the general price range of many locations, how much time you’ll need to decorate everything, and how will the general layout work for what you’ve had in mind.

Calling your wedding planner could be the right choice to make thing easier and choose the perfect wedding venue
Choose the wedding date

The date and the wedding location go hand in hand, so before you go looking, talk to your partner and decide when you want to get married, and how much room you have to manoeuvre around that date.

Determine your budget

Once your planner tells you about the prices, you can allocate the funds you’re willing to spend on the wedding venue itself. Budgeting is very important for planning activities, and knowing the price range will help you know which places to browse, and which ones you can skip entirely because they’re bound to be too expensive.

Plan the perfect day, choose the right wedding venue dermining your budget first
Pick something that fits your personality

You need to find a place that will make you and your partner happy. Perhaps you’d like a grandiose ball room, or a huge garden with a marquee and beautiful ice sculptures. Perhaps you’re a laid-back, romantic gal at heart and will have a gorgeous beach wedding in your flowy little white frock. The venue is just as important as the dress and the decorations, so find something that fits your preferred aesthetics, something that aligns with the vision you have in your head. Connect to the space your pick and let yourself get giddy over transforming it to match your ideas.

Keep the guest list in mind

Always ask the organizers how much people can the venue host. You don’t want to end up in a situation where some of your guests have no place to sit, nor do you want a huge space that will look bare and lonely because you plan to invite only your closest friends.

Find hotels in the vicinity of your location

Keep in mind your out-of-town guests who will need to find a place to stay. Ask around what kind of hotels are nearby and write it all down so you can send the list along with your invitations.

Pick the perfect wedding venue considering also the vicinity and out-of-town guests
Ask what’s included in the wedding venue

Will there be waiting staff, will there be decorations? Are you allowed to change the seating and the ornaments? Will you need to bring in more tables? If the wedding location doesn’t provide a full-service, then you’ll need to bring in your own vendors. So, check whether the place offers good catering, and what kind of details can be worked around. Of course, consult your wedding planner or your bridesmaids for help if you need it.

While you’re searching for a wedding venue, feel free to browse Pinterest and other places to get some cool inspiration. It might give you a few great ideas that you can easily steal in your quest to find the perfect location.




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