Learn How to Accept and Love Your Body

Learn How to Accept and Love Your Body


How many people are truly happy and content with the way they look? Too few, that’s for sure. Learning to accept and love your body is a skill we should all practice for, sadly, we were taught that no matter how hard we try, we will never look good enough, be skinny enough, have breasts big enough, and a waist tiny enough. Thus, self-love and self-appreciation are skills and forms of art we should try hard to incorporate into our life more.

Be honest

Think about your parents, your siblings, and friends, of your colleagues and business partners, and of the people you see every day in grocery store and on the bus. Do you think they are all perfect? Do you honestly believe that none of them are flawed in any way? Being human means being imperfect, and that is alright. Would a physical imperfection make your friends less kind, honest, and gentle? Just like people around you are imperfect, so are you, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love. We all have things we’re not proud of and which we want to hide, but we should still be able to love our bodies despite them.

Be honest with yourself and learn how to love your body
Love your body, face the ‘flaws’

Now take a good look at yourself and face all those things you perceive as flaws. It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to love yourself because of your weight and body shape, freckles, your eye and hair color, the shape of your nose, lips, and ears –face these ‘flaws’ and stop hating yourself because of them. See them as those special traits that set you apart from everyone else, as something that makes you unique and mysterious, and stop hating them. If your dearest and closest friends had the same traits as you do, would you love them any less? Of course not! So why not love yourself too?

Love your body facing all your flaws
Love your body and be proud of yourself

It’s important to love your body, notice and appreciate things you like about yourself, just like you respect and love your friends and family for their traits and characteristics. What are you most proud of? Is it your killer cooking skills which could put Gordon Ramsey to shame? Do you play an instrument or have a knack for singing? Perhaps it’s your peculiar eye or hair color, your amazing tattoos, or a fantastic voice that you’re most proud of. One thing’s for sure: you need to pay more attention to the things you love about yourself and start appreciating your body and health more.

New perception

Confidence is sexy, even science says so. It’s a wonderful trait that makes you stand out in a crowd and makes people notice and remember you. When you’re confident, people respect you more and you are more content in personal as well as business relationships. Practice being confident just as you’d practice a speech or work out in a gym. Look in the mirror every day and be full of love and acceptance for the person who looks back at you. When you love the way you look, other people will notice the change and appreciate you more.

Create a new perception of yourself, be proud and love your body
Make a change

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we meditate and try to accept the way we look, there are traits and flaws we can’t make peace with. Luckily, there is a way out of that situation too: plastic surgery. It has long ago stopped being a taboo and, instead, it has become a way to help people become more confident. No matter if you have a hard time accepting your crooked nose, weak chin, love handles, or your tuberous breasts. There are professionals who will help you get rid of the trait that’s bothering you. In this way, you don’t have to carry that burden on your shoulders every day.

Body positivity is a movement that’s been growing stronger by the day and for good reason: it helps people learn to love and celebrate their bodies. Work on your flaws, face them and embrace them or have them removed, but never ever try to change who you actually are just so that you could fit into that “flawless” category (a category that’s actually empty because, newsflash, everyone has flaws).









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