Top Destination for the Best European Bachelorette Trip

Top Destination for the Best European Bachelorette Trip

If you are planning on taking your girls somewhere special on an European bachelorette trip, you’ve come to the right place. A good bachelorette party has many faces. Some people still enjoy a quiet get-together with their closest friends, a calm evening drinking rosé and talking about the wedding. Others, however, like to go all-out with wild parties, plenty of drinks and nights they never want to forget – but probably won’t remember. Lastly, there is a group that really knows how to celebrate – by traveling, of course. What’s better than spending a few days with your best friends exploring a new country, city and culture?

The Best European Bachelorette Trip

Prague, Czech Republic

It you want a mix of beautiful daytime sightseeing and vivid nightlife, then Prague is the place to go. Our European bachelorette trip top destination is this history-rich city and if you want to learn about the history or enjoy some art, architecture and cityscapes, you will have a great time. But when the night falls is when the fun really begins: Prague is known for its amazing beers that are often brewed in-house and offer tastes that you don’t have a chance to try anywhere else. And if you think beer isn’t fancy enough for such an important celebration, there are plenty of clubs and bars that will meet your cocktail demands. The best part is, because Prague isn’t as expensive as many of the other popular destinations, you will be able to extend your stay or spend some cash on the must-see flea markets around town.

One of the best European bachelorette trip is definitely in Prague
Barcelona, Spain

When talking about Europe, Barcelona is the place to go for a girls’ trip, especially one of this importance. It is not only popular because of Ed Sheeran’s song – this place earned every single good word said about it. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind at the beach throughout the day before getting a taste of the nightlife. And you know you are going to enjoy spending time under the sun, in lush spa centers or just biking around town during the day. To make sure you have a full experience and don’t miss out on any of the staples, looking for the best Spain packages is crucial. Make sure you choose a season that is bright and sunny and bring along your summer dresses!

Barcelona is for sure one of the best travel destinations for your European bachelorette trip
Dalmatia, Croatia

Keeping in touch with the theme of the seaside, let’s take a look at Dalmatia, a beautiful, vibrant part of Croatia that hugs the seashore. The first thing you need to know: you will try the absolute best seafood dishes of your life while you’re there. Dalmatia is really a place where time stops – you can spend endless days walking and enjoying the amazing beaches, swimming in the crystal clear, teal sea and having some seriously delicious Italian gelato. From small towns like Zadar to Europe’s party central Hvar – you name it, for your best European bachelorette trip, Croatia has it all.

In Dalmatia time stops and that's why is perfect for a relaxing European bachelorette trip
Milan, Italy

A quick boat ride and a few trains from Dalmatia, and you are in the capital of the world’s fashion. Bring your best outfits, but make sure you leave space in your luggage for the additions that are sure to come along during the trip. If you really want to achieve every fashionista’s dream, you can time your trip with Fashion Week and really get the full experience. But even if you don’t like fashion all that much, Milan is still an amazing city to spend time in, brunching, sightseeing and, of course, enjoying the best that luxurious nightclubs have to offer.

In Milan fashion and cuolture mix up and create the perfect European bachelorette trip match
Paris, France

Somebody’s getting married, and there is definitely love in the air. Which means it’s the perfect time to visit the city of love and really treat yourself. The idea is: if you’re going to Paris, go all out. Even if it’s just for a weekend, make sure you and your girls get the royal treatment. Have the coffee and croissant breakfasts, the amazing wine and desserts and make sure you squeeze in a picnic under the tower. There is so much to do and see in Paris, that you will certainly want to come back with your new partner after the wedding – if Paris doesn’t steal your heart first, that is.

Paris is romantic and so perfectly in theme for your European bachelorette trip

A bachelorette trip is all about having fun and getting to spend quality time with your favorite girls. No matter where you go and what you do, just remember that you are there to spend time with each other and share the love, so keep that in mind while spinning the globe!










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