What to Buy to Your Girlfriends – a Christmas Gift Guide For Her

What to Buy to Your Girlfriends – a Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas is a time of sharing and loving, and nothing shows how much you love your friends better than a unique and interesting gift that you know they will actually like. However, shopping for girls can sometimes be quite a challenge, and finding the right present for every girlfriend is not always an easy task. So, to help you choose the perfect present for each of your besties, here are our suggestions what to buy to your girlfriends, with a smart Christmas gift guide for her.

What to buy to your girlfriend can be challenging. Here's a mini Christmas gift guide for her
For the nerdy one 

If your girlfriend is into Star Wars, as many nerds are, get her a Star Wars R2D2 lunch bag, or a C3PO statute. Every fan loves these adorable robots, and with this gift, she’ll be able to take these cuties with her wherever she goes. If she’s more on the medical side of the geeky type, you can get her infectious disease stress balls that look like different diseases when squeezed. This can help her relax during all the studying or working. If she’s a book-loving nerd, gift her a pair of interesting bookends, like the Portal bookends, which will keep all her books in place and make her geeky shelf look even geekier.

A smart Christmas gift guide for her, the nerdy type
For the sporty one (Christmas Gift Guide for Her)

If your bestie is into fitness, buy her a fashionable fitness tracker watch. She will love the stylish design, but it’s what’s inside that will really matter to her. Like every other watch, it shows date and time, but it also shows the distance covered, steps made, and calories burned. If she’s more into martial arts and similar combat sports, consider getting her a duel combat game. It’s fun, it’s safe, and it’s a great way for her to release some energy by doing what she loves most, but without worrying about hurting her friends.

The sporty gals need something great, you can find with this Christmas gift guide for her
For the music-loving one

We can’t make a Christmas gift guide for her without speaking of this girlfriend. The one thing that matters the most to all the music lovers out there is definitely having a decent pair of headphones. So, if you have such a girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with high-quality headphones. Also, she might have a decent set of speakers, but she probably doesn’t have speakers that are both quality and wireless. For example, the Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom speaker is portable, small, waterproof, and produces brilliant sound. It’s perfect for all who appreciate good music.

For the fashion-forward one (Christmas Gift Guide for Her)

If you want to gift your fashion-forward friend some nice accessories but aren’t quite sure what goes with her style, choose a pair of stylish earrings. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more practical, why not get her a fashionable smartphone case? She probably uses her phone a lot for taking pictures of all the amazing outfits she comes up with, so she should have a smartphone case that matches her style. They come in many colors and with many different details. Swarovski crystals, tiny pom-poms, Louis Vuitton symbols, etc… You’ll have no problem finding the right one for her.

Your bestie is a real fashionista! Get some inspiration with our Christmas gift guide for her

For the beauty geek

If your beauty-geek friend loves taking long bubble baths ‒ and also happens to love sweets ‒ surprise her with cupcake bath bombs. These delicious-looking bath bombs will fizz in the bathtub, helping her relax while enjoying the amazing scent. They definitely add fun to every beauty routine. However, if she’s more into makeup and likes to spend hours trying out different makeup styles, make sure she has a quality makeup brush set. Most girls are happy with having one decent makeup brush For her, having a professional makeup brush set means being able to step up her game and come up with even better styles she might even try out on you.

She's a beauty addicted? Here's a smart Christmas gift guide for her

Shopping for your girlfriends can sometimes feel like an endless search for something you hope they might like. Often, you don’t even know what you’ll buy them until you visit ten stores and see something you find somewhat interesting. However, if you pay attention to your girlfriends’ hobbies, interests, and personalities, you will definitely find the perfect gift that will make Christmas that much more special.







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