Beauty Regrets: It Happens to the Best of Us

Beauty Regrets: It Happens to the Best of Us


The world of beauty is a bit hard to navigate. We all have such a love/hate relationship with the whole process of skincare, haircare, and makeup because, frankly, things get exhausting sometimes. There are always new trends to try, and since most of them are pretty hit or miss, how’s a girl supposed to know which ones are going to stick? Then, there are all the weird disasters that happen when we try to copy one of the numerous celebrities or beauty gurus. Ouch, my head hurts just thinking about some of the things I’ve done for my beauty! But, for the sake of sheer hilarity, I want us to chat about some of the most common mistakes, silliness and beauty regrets that happen as the result of our “beautifying” attempts. After all gals, we’ve all been there!

Beauty regrets: eyebrow shenanigans

Avoiding beauty regrets, take care of your eyebrows and style them in a simply cool way

My eyebrow journey over the years has been… wild. From caterpillar uni-brow that I had as a kid, to an overplucked mess as a teen (damn the ‘90s!), to overdrawn cartoon brows that I had until I learned how to fill them in right. Why can’t we ever have a “leave them alone” kind of trend, huh? I’d have appreciated that one when I was younger. So far, it would appear that the secrets to nice brows are these: good tools, a steady hand, and a “less is more” kind of approach. You can always build it up if you think you need a bolder brow, but if you go heavy-handed right at the start it’s likely you’ll end up looking like an evil witch.

Beauty regrets: hair disasters

Avoid hair beauty regrets trusting a good stylist

Chunky highlights (again, damn the ‘90s!), failed ombre, DIY fringe trimming, boxed dyes, hair curler burns on our hands and neck… the list goes on. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s always better to leave your precious hair at the hands of a professional stylist.

Beauty regrets: false lashes

Learn how to put falsies avoiding embarassing beauty regrets

It’s not the lashes themselves, it’s more like a mix of using the wrong glue, applying it in the wrong way, and then ending up with a set of falsies on our cheeks after they’ve melted off our eyelids. Or even worse, that moment where they haven’t fallen off completely, so they just kind of hang from your lids weirdly, making you look like you’ve got a lazy eye. If you want that volume only the false lashes can give, here’s a handy tutorial on how to apply and make them last all day.

Beauty regrets: smudged makeup

Touching the face with the makeup on is one of the most common beauty regrets

Among all the possible beauty regrets, I’m guilty of this one on so many occasions. I’m the queen of forgetting that I have eyeshadow and liner on and then rubbing my eyes tiredly. Like our moms always say – don’t touch your face with dirty hands! You should always listen to your momma, ladies.

Beauty regrets: teeth whitening

Ah yes, all the celebrities and their annoyingly bright smiles and shiny teeth! Of course, I wanted to have a smile like Julia Roberts. Of course, I went about it the wrong way! I used those teeth whitening pens, and they did work, kind of, for a while. But then, my teeth started getting smudges and looking terrible, and I ended up too afraid to smile. Luckily, there are good dentists that do great dental veneers in Sydney, so I scheduled an appointment and had my teeth completely transformed. If you want to have something lasting, please go see a dentist. Quick-fix solutions are just temporary and generally bad for your teeth.

Beauty regrets: self tanning

Among the beauty regrets, self-tanning can be tricky

Do you know what it’s like to be a pale ghost surrounded by all these beautiful bronzed goddesses? You probably do, and that’s why you turned to self-tanning lotions and made yourself into a human pumpkin. Self-tanning is great, but go easy. Remember to skip your knees and your elbows, since they’re already darker than the rest of your body, and those tanning lotions make them look downright dirty.

Beauty regrets: over-contouring

Kim Kardashian is to blame for making over-contouring popular. If you do it right, it looks amazing. If you, like most of us, don’t have a professional makeup artist at your beck-and-call, then you generally look like an unblended mess. Every little mistake that might not even be that visible in person becomes very obvious on camera, so it’s important to be very subtle with your application.

Celebrate your mistakes and beauty regrets, gals! They gave you a funny story to tell and they also taught you something. Well, hopefully, they did. And definitely, don’t let these beauty fails make you too afraid to keep on experimenting and having fun.







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