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Top 4 Wedding Designers To Watch (by Roxana Oliver)

Trends 24 Gennaio 2017 2 Comments

TOP 4 WEDDING DESIGNERS TO WATCH Bridal fashion includes many iconic names, and you have surely heard them multiple times. You know: ball gown-like dresses from Vera Wang, mermaid silhouettes by Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera, hand-embroidered tulle confections by Monique Lhuiller, etc. But, over the last few wedding seasons, some new names started appearing, armed with some…

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Easy Ways to Be Green About Clothes

Trends 21 Ottobre 2016 0 Comments

EASY WAYS TO BE GREEN ABOUT CLOTHES You already know that the planet needs our help. Most of us try to do what we can: we save electricity,drive hybrid cars, walk, cycle, or use public transport. Some people limit their plane travel. We recycle and compost. However, there is one area of life that most people don’t recognize as important i environmental…

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Ab Fab – Absolutely Fabulous The Movie Fashion Inspiration

Beauty Show Biz Trends 5 Settembre 2016 0 Comments

AB FAB – ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS THE MOVIE FASHION INSPIRATION If you have seen this movie, you are familiar with all those outrageous and memorable outfits. Ab Fab – Absolutely Fabulous stands for absolutely fabulous and it is based on the television show with the same name which was broadcasted in 2011 and 2012 in England. The ever-glamorous PR agent Edina and her also…

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Get Rid Of the Adult Acne for Good

Beauty 13 Maggio 2016 0 Comments
How To Defeat Adult Acne READ IN ENGLISHLEGGI IN ITALIANOREAD IN ENGLISH GET RID OF THE ADULT ACNE FOR GOOD If you think that acne is something that only happens to teenagers – that makes you a lucky person. Unfortunately, there are many people who are well after their teenage years and still suffer from this awful condition. Adult acne is…

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Spring Skincare: Is Your Skin Ready? | Roxana Oliver

Beauty Guest post 5 Marzo 2016 0 Comments

IS YOUR SKIN READY? SPRING SKINCARE TIPS Spring Skincare. Winter is the harshest to the skin. Low temperatures, low humidity and wind coupled with heat indoors can wreak havoc on your skin. Researchers from Japan investigated the influence of seasonal changes on the skin of the cheeks and anterior forearm during the late months of winter and summer. The results of…

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