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What to Buy to Your Girlfriends – a Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Christmas Trends 14 Dicembre 2017 0 Comments

Christmas Gift Guide For Her Christmas is a time of sharing and loving, and nothing shows how much you love your friends better than a unique and interesting gift that you know they will actually like. However, shopping for girls can sometimes be quite a challenge, and finding the right present for every girlfriend is not always an easy task.…

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How To Decide Your Wedding Venue

Trends Wedding 24 Novembre 2017 0 Comments

WEDDING VENUE Of all the things about planning your Big Day to decide on, the wedding venue is arguably the most important one. It’s basically the place that will determine everything from the color scheme, to the general atmosphere of the entire event. Of course, we all want to get married at the perfect place, but with prices, locations, and…

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How To – A Girl’s Quick Guide to Wine (Roxana Oliver)

Food 19 Luglio 2017 0 Comments

Wouldn’t life be great if wine wasn’t so frustratingly complicated? You get invited to a fancy restaurant dinner, dressed to the nines, your hair and makeup stunning, your manners proper. And just when you start feeling good about yourself, someone hands you a wine list and you kind of want to shoot something. How do you even pronounce these things?…

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