Summer Essentials – Accessories for the Beach

Summer Essentials – Accessories for the Beach

Summer’s already here and you feel like your beach inventory is still missing a little something to really make you dazzle in the sunshine. Here are a couple of essentials for your Summer days, a small selection of fab accessories for the beach you have to consider if you want to complete your look for the sandy runway.

Beach pouches and bags

Instead of carrying your things in old bags or worse, plastics sacs (we’ve all been there), opt for good beach pouches and bags. Preferably, focus on waterproof and leak-proof accessories that will make it easier for you to protect your personal belongings, like your phone, from water damage. A high-quality bag with exceptional design is what you want to go for, such as, for instance, the incredibly stylish OdyseaCo Baja Beach Bag, or the Itzy Ritzy pouch, which is leak proof and available in fifteen creative design patterns. Beauty and convenience in one place!


Summer bags and pouches are perfect as accessories for the beach
Fashionable glasses

Another example of accessories for the beach are sunglasses, a real summer essential. If everything else on and about you can make a fashion statement, then so can the glasses you’ll be wearing. Summer heat and brightness call for something a bit flashier, more quirky, exciting or colorful, so choose sunglasses that will say exactly that! Chanel’s Butterfly runaway glasses with their adorable shape, tasteful oversized sunglasses. Glasses with gorgeous glittered frames or simply one-color frames in fresh, vibrant nuances will certainly make the statement that you are embracing the summer and its adventures one hundred percent.        

Sunglasses are a real essential and among the most useful accessories for the beach
Body deco

Don’t think that clothes and bags are pretty much the only way you can make an impression. The beach is the perfect excuse for many to forget about the layers of clothes, finally let their skin breathe, and—show off their body art! If you’re in the mood for a little change and want to really be remembered for something that really speaks about you, thinking of a perfect tattoo is another idea.

Tattoos never fail to attract attention, as artists keep investing more and more imagination into their creations. For instance, the trend of getting Japanese tattoos in Sydney is growing, especially because of the vibrant colors of these works of art, like the fascinating cherry blossoms or koi fish. And, let’s face it— there’s no better time to be proud of your body art than when you’re in a swimsuit or a bikini.


Studded sandals (Accessories for the beach)

You want your footwear to pop and make your look even more exciting? In that case, studded sandals are the right choice for you. It’s a perfect way of giving your appearance a touch of that “night-out” ready-to-party vibe. They are truly chic and will definitely help you show that you put effort into creating your fashion combination with the perfect accessories for the beach.      

Vertty beach towel



Do you think you may be lacking a bit of eccentricity this summer? Then make sure you’re lying on a Vertty beach towel while relaxing in the sun and getting your perfect tan. What’s so special about this item is that it doesn’t look like a typical towel. Its innovative triangle-based design is a genuine eye-pleaser. Their peculiar appearance is meant to make the towels stand out among the myriads of surrounding towels on the beach. They come in different colors and are eco-friendly. Mark your sandy spot with one of these and you will surely be noticed for your good taste.   

Bamboo flip-flops

Prefer to add a more subtle, yet powerful detail to your look? You may want to make your walk to the beach in the amazing Bamboo Flip Flops. These unisex flip-flops partly resemble the sandals worn by the geishas themselves and are extremely comfortable. As said, the soles are made of bamboo, designed in such a way to protect the wood and make the footwear last much longer, and the straps are made of leather and suede for additional comfort. These flip-flops are easily combined with various styles of outfits and combinations you’re planning for the summer, thanks to their softer, more traditional look.

Make the summer even more memorable and fun by exploring the world of accessories for the beach. You’ll see there are millions of choices and ways to make the most of your holiday and turn it into something even greater.

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