How to Pull of Those 70s California Girls Vibes

How to Pull of Those 70s California Girls Vibes

Being a California girl in the glorious and mellow 70s – that was the dream. After all, Katy Perry wasn’t far off when she sang that California girls are unforgettable, fine, fresh and fierce. All the boys wanted to be with them and all the girls were in envy of them. Why? Not only did they dare to be more fashion-forward experimental in their choice of attire, but they did so with the kind dose of careless nonchalance that that even the famous French girls don’t have. They were cooler than cool – they were, as the ‘70s slang dictionary claims – far out. Perhaps the raddest thing about them was their rebellious spirit intertwined with the love for the beach and all the fun California has to offer. Times have changed, but the spirit of the 70s California girls still lives on, and thanks to the ‘what goes around comes around’ motto, which seems to dominate the fashion industry, we now have plenty of opportunities to emulate their style, pay homage to it and just perhaps, we’ll awaken that ‘far out’ girl within ourselves.

The essential

Before you can even begin to channel those California style vibes, you simply have to start with the hair. You might want to consider going for that sun-kissed gold hue, but even if you’re a brunette you can still make it work. Your classic California beauty relied on two things – the perfect waves the ocean water would create and the sun. Of course, there are now tons of stylists who can replicate the look, but make sure it’s not overly polished – you want your hair to look like you’ve just woken up looking fabulous. Messy beach waves. Highlights if possible. Loose tiny braids are almost mandatory, and a flower crown wouldn’t hurt either.


The iconic top

When you picture 70s California girls dressed casually, the first things that will pop into your head are colorful crew neck tops – fitted, of course. The most popular hues were white in combination with blue and red – patriotic style, but one of the must have tees was the one in that gorgeous and incredibly eye-pleasing mustard yellow. While simple single raglan sleeve tops did have their share in the spotlight, the most popular tees were graphic and striped ones – particularly in warm earthy tones.  Whether the writing contained something meaningful or simply whimsical was irrelevant; it was important for it to be there. Tube tops were also all the rage, but only the boldest and most carefree of these girls dared to wear them. As you are reading this, you’re already remembering the fast-fashion stores where you recently spotted the tops that fit the description, so just go snag them already. While you’re at it, look for a pair of simple tennis shoes – you’ll need them to complete the outfit.


The iconic tees with must have graphics are an important element for your 70s California girls style
The shortest of shorts (70s California girls)

Them California gals sure did love their short shorts. Party time was reserved for the more outrageous ones – similar to those iconic ones Kylie Minogue wore in the in the video for the Spinning Around song. In the days when they would rush by you on their skates or dexterously navigating the streets on those cruiser skateboards, the must have attire would consist of a halter top (or the plethora of aforementioned tops) and those high-waist athletic shorts in the ‘70s signature colors. High-rise denim cutoff shorts – as tight as they can get – were immensely popular, so go get a pair that shows off the booty, tuck your fitted tee in and you’re almost good to go.


High-waisted short shorts are a real must for the perfect 70s California girls outfit
The added sexiness (70s California girls)

There is something mysterious about how a pair of knee-high sports socks can make a woman’s appeal spike. It’s an added layer that covers instead of baring your legs, but somehow, they make you irresistible. Perhaps it’s the combination of the short shorts that does the trick, but there you have it – if you want to stop the traffic, just use this deadly combo.

Let’s not forget the classics

Although it’s one of the sunniest states, it still had its chillier moments, and those were the times when the gals would reach for some classics to keep them warm – the classics that are thankfully coming back in style. Bell bottoms were one of them, paired with a wide-lapel shirt tied at the waist. A-line miniskirts which are still adorable and should have never gone out of style were an integral part of every ‘70s gal wardrobe, usually in one of the prime colors or even checkered. The wrap dress was born in that era as well, and the most beloved were the diagonally striped ones in neutral – beige and brown tones. The stripes have made a grand comeback, especially thanks to the resort collections, and in order to complete your ‘70s California girls look, you simply must have one. Oh, before we forget – platform wedges and large square retro sunglasses will totally seal the deal, so scout carefully for a pair.










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