5 Date Night Prep Tips for the Best Date Ever

5 Date Night Prep Tips for the Best Date Ever

Whether you do it once per week or once per year, date night is always fun. It’s the time to spend with someone you care about or to meet someone new and broaden your views. And while dates can vary wildly, there is one thing that never changes: getting ready for it. The butterflies, the countless clothing items on your floor and your bed, alongside the thousand pictures of outfits sent to a group chat with friends. It all falls into place when you walk out of the house looking and feeling like the most confident, beautiful woman in the world. So, let’s go through the steps of getting ready, with these top 5 date night prep tips:

1. Relax

It’s not really easy to relax when you are getting ready for an exciting date, and the butterflies you feel are amazing. But what you really want to avoid is the bad nerves. Feeling sick, going through worst-case scenarios and similar. Calm yourself by playing some relaxing music, taking a nice long bath and imagining how brilliant the date is going to be. If it helps, talk to a friend and tell them everything you’re concerned about and let them dismiss your concerns. Dwelling too much on bad thoughts can make you nervous and uncomfortable, and will ruin your mood for the night. It seems the simplest one of these date night prep tips, but it’s not. A good idea is to think about the best-case scenarios for the night or why you like (or maybe even love?) the person you’re going out with. Just make sure you don’t create an over-the-top ideal version of it in your mind and ruin the night for yourself when it doesn’t match up with your impossible expectations.

2. The outfit gets chosen first and put on last

Tonight you'll spend the best time with your special one, but is it all good and ready? Don't pass out, take a long breath and follow this simple top 5 date night prep tips

When you get to planning your outfit, you probably have an idea in your head of what it’s going to look. But how many times have we had an idea, just to see it not exactly work out when put on. This is why we change our clothes, take pictures, re-accessorize and end up with a pile of clothes on our floor crying how we don’t have anything to wear. Once you choose your outfit – take it off. Put on a comfortable house robe and go do your hair and makeup. Then, when all of it is done, put the outfit back on, carefully. This will help you avoid getting your outfit stained while you are doing your makeup while also letting you try on about a hundred tops without melting your makeup or messing up your hair.

3. Dress for the occasion (Date Night Prep Tips)

If you’re not the one planning the date, your date might choose to keep you in the dark and make the date a surprise. If you like surprises – that’s amazing, but you’re still allowed to ask about the level of formality of the date, or if you’ll be doing any special activities that require particular outfits or footwear. For example, if they don’t tell you that you’re going to a gala opening and you dress like you’re heading to a casual camp-out screening of a movie in the middle of the woods, you’ll make a scene. If you feel like you don’t have an appropriate dress, there are brilliant formal dresses online that you can choose from. Make sure you get something that you will be able to wear multiple times and that you have the appropriate accessories for, because you don’t want to be splurging on too much for one date.

4. Go light with makeup

Tonight you'll spend the best time with your special one, but is it all good and ready? Don't pass out, take a long breath and follow this simple top 5 date night prep tips

We don’t mean light in colors or shades, we mean don’t put too much of it. You can still achieve a dramatic, dark, smokey eye without caking your face in makeup and making it impossible for your skin to breathe. You don’t want to overdo it with the makeup because you need to be easy to fix with the few tools you have on-hand when it starts to smudge in the middle of the night. Plus, your skin will feel comfortable when you have less makeup on, and you won’t be worrying so much about whether it’s budging or not. If you do want to put on a lot of makeup because that’s how you like to rock it – go ahead, but make sure you use a very good primer and set it all with a setting spray.

5. Pack the essential (Date Night Prep Tips)

Tonight you'll spend the best time with your special one, but is it all good and ready? Don't pass out, take a long breath and follow this simple top 5 date night prep tips

Last but not least of these date night prep tips! Of course, you’re not going to bring a large tote to a date, especially not a formal one, but you still need a few bits for any emergencies. Your wallet with your ID, and enough money to at least cover your part; your phone, fully charged, some wet wipes and an emergency makeup kit. If you’re going for an informal date and you’ll be out for a long time, you can throw in a small bottle of water as well, and if you’re going dancing, a pair of thin, comfortable flats. It can be a nice touch to bring a small gift to your date, just a symbol of affection, nothing too big.

Going on a date should be fun, exciting and just a little bit nerve-wracking. Make sure you are only going out with people you feel comfortable with, and if it’s a blind date or a first time you’re meeting someone, remember that it’s your right to walk out at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Have fun!









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