5 Stunningly Beautiful And Best Road Trips In Italy

5 Stunningly Beautiful And Best Road Trips In Italy


Italy is a country that manufactures some of the finest luxury cars in the world. Italians are very much inclined into dedicated driving considering the top-caliber transportation they use. Of course, they will have to enjoy the amazing roads in Italy when they take a thrilling ride while viewing the captivating scenery. Italian drivers are well-known to take risky rides though they are considerably excellent drivers when they steer along great roads in Italy. They consider driving as a passion which gives them excitement and serious pleasure. So, according to this, you should consider experiencing one or more of the following 5 Best Road Trips In Italy, either in a car or in a motorcycle if you are an avid motorcycle rider:


Location: Campania, between Salerno and Sorrento

The Amalfi Coast Drive is among the 5 Best Road Trips In Italy
Amalfi Coast Drive

Winding along one of the world’s best stunning shorelines, Amalfi Drive originated hundreds of years ago during the Roman era. The road was carved on side of seaside cliffs with a sequence of bends twisting through the popular scenic Positano, Amalfi and Ravello villages. You will pass above isolated bays and entrenched valleys that made this region well-known to provide thrill to drivers. There are instances that the volumes of traffic increase so you will need to be more patient.


Location: Tuscany, between Sienna and Florence

Among the 5 Best Road Trips In Italy, we have also the Chianti Road
Chianti Road

Crossing the Chianti region between Siena and Florence, west of the Elsa and Pesa valleys is the Via Chiantigiana. It is a road famous for its brilliant scenery leading to superlative vineyards owned by popular wine producers as you drive pass rolling hills, eye-catching cypress trees and attractive villages on the hilltop. Every drive is like traversing a painting by Van Gogh.


Location: Italian Alps between Stelvio and Bormeo

Enjoy the Stelvio Pass as one of the 5 Best Road Trips In Italy
Stelvio Pass

Among the Best Road Trips In Italy, Stelvio Pass is one of the world famous, because of its challenging and daring motorways. Recognized by the BBC Top Gear as the most brilliant driving road in the world, it boasts of 60 hairpin bends passing thru the mountain. It was established in the 1800s by the Austrian Empire and the only difference you can see at present is the stunning assortment of luxury cars speeding along the same twists and turns. Like other driving routes in Italy, Stelvio brings out the beauty of the area with an impressive sight you will never get tired of enjoying.


Location: Liguria, between La Spezia and Bordighera

The Aurelia Road is considered as one of the 5 Best Road Trips In Italy
Aurelia Road

The Italian Riviera is most famous for its sophistication and glamour but through the years people may have forgotten it in the emergence of new European resorts.  The coastal route from Via Aurelia will show you the way to robust towns and villages like the lavish resort of Portofino. It has captivating tree-lined cliffs, with a fantastic view of the ocean alongside an array of restaurants such as the Bellini’s in Italy.  The road of Via Aurelia is narrow, with a possibility to be congested though its condition is in top shape.


Location: d’Ampezzo, between Cortina and Bolzano

The Dolomite Road (Strada delle Dolomiti) is one of the 5 Best Road Trips In Italy, long 100 km from Bolzano towards Cortina d'Ampezzo.
Great Dolomite Road

As last Best Road Trip In Italy, Cutting through the picturesque Dolomite Mountain peaks in the Italian Alps is the Strada delle Dolomiti (Dolomite Road), which is a 100 km drive from Bolzano towards Cortina d’Ampezzo. It is preferable to take detours along the way when you drive for 3 hours so you can marvel on the captivating scene of villages, attractive little towns and pristine mountain views.


If you are more adventurous as a person, instead of a car drive in these roads, you can go for motorcycle rides. But make sure you are extra careful and follow all the safety requirements. Having one of these best motocross jackets can save you from strong wind and also in case of an accident. Having quality dirt bike riding accessories can make your adventures safer and more comfortable.





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