4 ideas for a glamorous wedding makeup (by Audrey Taylor)

4 ideas for a glamorous wedding makeup (by Audrey Taylor)

Well, ladies, the time has come to finally plan your big day look. That means that all the hustle and bustle is almost gone and you can finally relax and focus on the wedding makeup you want. Here are some awesome ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Wonderful Boho inspired bridal makeup

If you are not keen on heavy makeup or wearing any at all then boho style is perfect for you. Embrace all natural and down-to-earth look. After applying foundation and hiding all the little annoying zits with concealer you will get a base that is going to allow you to create the perfect boho look. Use warm bronze, rose or gold eye shadows on the lids as well as along lower lash line. Apply rose blush on your cheeks to give a touch of romance.

Get inspired from boho style and create your wedding makeup

Add a lot of highlighter (even though there is no such thing!) just under your eyebrows, above cheeks, on your nose, etc. The most important thing is not copying some tutorial, instead follow the shape of your face to find what is perfect for you. Simply curl your natural lashes, add mascara (don’t forget to wiggle it) and finish off the look with a peachy lip gloss. Add some flowers to your wavy natural hair and you’re all set for your boho-inspired wedding!

Pull of a less is more makeup look

If you have a perfect-looking skin (lucky you) you can easily pull off a no-makeup makeup look! Apply a thin coat of dewy-finish foundation, a touch of mascara and finish with a sweeping of rose-gold highlighter across brow bone, cheekbones and of course cupid’s bow. Put an accent on your dress or your hairstyle and your no makeup wedding look will go perfectly with the outfit. It will point out your gentle, girly character making you the most awesome bride that rocks minimal style so amazingly glam for her big day! Just don’t forget to sculpture your brows!

Be glamorous with a no-makeup wedding makeup look
Old Hollywood inspired wedding makeup

All the brides to be out there who fancy a look reminiscent of the 1950s actresses will adore this amazing bridal makeup. Okay, so, let’s face it; there is no one more iconic than Audrey Hepburn! Her flawless and subdued look was elegant and natural that is perfect for a vintage inspired wedding. In order to achieve this amazing style, it’s essential to let your natural skin tone shine through. That means no bronzers, no heavy makeup, no self-tanners – you should focus on your own color. The most important part of this Hollywood inspired look is putting an accent on the eyes.

Take your inspiration from 1950s Hollywood divas for your wedding makeup

Opt for a light shadow from a neutral shades palette. Use subdued pink on the lids and the crease and add just a touch of sparkle to the inner side of the eye to make them stand out even more. Now that you’ve made the preparation – it’s time for the classic “cat eye style”. Use an angled brush first to outline the shape before applying liquid liner. Finish off with long, luscious lash extensions to make them pop out and voila! You’re all set for the big day ceremony!

Rock the 80’s inspired bridal style

Even though the 1980s were a bit over the top with all things fashion, there are some pretty awesome stuff you can “borrow” and combine with your outfit, such as (some) makeup looks! If you are an edgy, glam metal bride to be and want to point out your unique character this is the perfect wedding makeup for you. After applying the right foundation for your skin tone, it’is time to add a pop of color! Opt for a strong yellow eye shadow or liquid liner and shape your eyes. Combine the hot yellow lids with ever-so-soft pink cheeks and lips to achieve the 80s inspired the bridal look. Now go and rock your wedding day!

Pop colors for a wedding makeup inspired to 80s

Use these simple tips as an inspiration for your wedding makeup. Show a different side of you or put an accent on your edgy personality, whatever you choose it will surely make you the most wonderful bride! After all, it’s your big day and you can do whatever you want, as long as you and your love are having fun! Am I right?







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